Water Care

Water Chemistry is the most important factor in maintaining your pool and spa. The staff at Pleasure Pools Plus will make your pool enjoyment easy. Less than 15 minutes a week to look after your pool. Let us show you how!

At Pleasure Pools Plus we provide complimentary water testing for all our customers.

We are proud to carry a full line of Dazzle water products. Dazzle was created by a cutting edge company based in Ontario called Backyard Brands. They are a leader in product innovation and have been offering Eco Certified products for some time now.


Global Contributions
In addition Dazzle contributes to the “Share The Gift of Water Program”. The goal of this program is to provide African communities with a clean, renewable source of fresh drinking water by building and drilling wells in small villages. Dazzle donates a percentage of sales from each pool and spa product sold toward helping raise funds to build wells.

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