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 We offer a wide range of products guaranteed to suit your needs. Vac heads, Hoses, Poles, pole hangers, skimmer nets, wall brushes,Skimmer socks,  Pool toys, Pool floaties, Solar/battery LED Light ups, Repair Tape/Glue for small liner patches, Solar blankets and Test strips/ kits. For your hot tub needs we have water resistant blue tooth speakers, Fragrances that also add borate into your water making it feel silky smooth. From Pillows ( for any make of tub!), steps, lifters hand rails and more! Scratch free cleaner accessories, Spa vacs/ Quick drains and Drinking Glass wear made by Strahl – They are designed for hot tubs and pools and made out of polyester ( no plastic liter/ no plastic taste). Plus dishwasher safe! 

We also offer Dolphins Made by Maytronics.

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