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Dazzle Guardex Pool Care
Water Chemistry is the most important factor in maintaining your pool and spa. Without proper balance, you are putting not only your equipment at risk, but also what you value most . . . your family.

At Pleasure Pools Plus we provide thorough water testing and explanations. Each water sample is analyzed for everything from metals to phosphates, then a personalized instruction sheet is created so that you can follow easy, step by step instructions to safely balance your pool or spa.

We provide complimentary water testing for all our customers. Whether you are just starting your pool or spa for the season, your concerned, or just plain curious, bring down a sample and we can have a look!

We are proud to carry a full line of Dazzle and Guardex chemicals. Dazzle was created by a cutting edge company based in Ontario called Backyard Brands. They are a leader in product innovation and have been offering Eco Certified products for some time now.

Synergy -  a simple 2-part system for keeping your pool in perfect shape.
By using biomimicry and natural enzymes, these chemicals are more effective than their predecessors. For example instead of using analgaecide, which is simply coated copper (a poison), to kill algae, why not instead use a natural enzyme to remove all the phosphates which algyae feed on, eliminating the possibility for algae to live altogether?

You are getting the same effect in a healthier, environmentally friendly way. Each Dazzle product has been created with both the environment and the consumer in mind. They are economical, easy to use chemicals that will not harm our families or our waterways, helping to ensure our future generations are able to enjoy the same natural bounty as we have experienced in our lifetime.
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In addition Dazzle contributes to the "Share The Gift of Water Program". The goal of this program is to provide African communities with a clean, renewable source of fresh drinking water by building and drilling wells in small villages that are in need. Dazzle donates a percentage of sales from each pool and spa product sold toward helping raise funds to build wells for people who don't have the luxury of enjoying safe drinking water.

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